Digital transformation - building customer success through different technologies

Qubitsoft - Stroka.si partnership

Strategic partnership is crucial in business operations of companies. The strategic collaboration between Stroka.si and Qubitsoft has been established with the aim of achieving important business successes. This partnership and mentoring provided by Stroka.si have given Qubitsoft an opportunity to work on new challenges and projects.

On the other hand, Stroka.si benefits from the software development services offered by Qubitsoft. As an outsourcing company, Qubitsoft can provide expertise and resources for software development that are needed by Stroka.si for their projects.

Both companies recognize the great potential in this partnership and make efforts to achieve mutual success. Through the synergy of their expertise, resources, and market approaches, Stroka.si and Qubitsoft can gain significant competitive advantages in the market. Additionally, this collaboration provides opportunities for joint projects in the future, further strengthening their partnership and providing room for growth and innovation.

Strategic partnerships like this can be crucial for the success of companies, enabling them to leverage mutual benefits, provide better services to their clients, and achieve market growth.

A strategy for approaching digital transformation on the technology platform StrokaDT platform

The main objective of the platform for building digital transformation solutions — the StrokaDT Platform — is to provide a set of solutions and knowledge that integrate into a coherent whole and provide the basis for building and integrating solutions for digital transformation.

Qubitsoft has had the idea to expand knowledge in the field of digital transformation since its foundation. Now, relying on the principles of this platform, this idea began to be realized. So that Qubitsoft plans to focus its future development partly on training in the field of digital transformation.

The StrokaDT Platform brings together all the knowledge and technologies that are relevant in the digital transformation process of a given company. It is designed it to enable the processing and collection of all data within the cloud infrastructure as well as within the company's local network.

DT API: a key tool for accelerating digital transformation in organisations.

The Stroka.si business group, Stroka produkt has also developed the StrokaDT API tool, designed to integrate services for the convergence of different technologies and technological systems. In practice, it is about enabling connectivity for the most common systems in a given company's portfolio. For example, StrokaDT has predefined methods for integration with ERP systems, CRM systems, IoT devices etc.

In order to automate business and achieve data transparency, Qubitsoft's team of engineers and economists in the coming period will work hard on improving and greater use of one of the ERP systems well-known to countries from the region.

The design is modular, which means that if a certain method does not exist, it can be implemented later. As a result, all systems are connected through a single point that takes care of data transformation, cleansing and exchange in one of the standard formats. The service is closely connected to the strokaDT Platform solution.

Smart manufacturing (IoT – The Internet Of Things)

With our help your devices will inform you of their requirements themselves, and report on any issues much less frequently or not at all. Implementing IoT will completely simplify how you monitor your production line. Planning maintenance will be simple, and only for preventive measures. All this is possible using the Azure cloud platform’s services and a whole range of applications that easily connect with business systems you already have, such as ERP or CRM.

Extended Reality (XR) - ML. Learning

HoloLens, a holographic computer embedded in the headset, provides a complete interactive experience with holograms. It's time to give your classroom, production, exhibition or office space a mixed reality overhaul too.

The ML. Learning platform enables effective and safe learning and employee training in the workplace. Provide new ways of learning and redesign education processes so that you can explore the subject from different perspectives, follow change and improve work process algorithms, be alerted to dangerous or critical areas and learn about all the pitfalls, peculiarities, details and characteristics before entering a real work environment or before using a new product.

Augmented Reality (AR) in manufacturing - Remote Assist

Augmented reality combined with live communication provides fast and efficient problem-solving through collaboration between your experts and employees in the field. This way, your experts can help you fix a problem remotely without being physically present.

Remote Assist is a tool for remote support, mentoring and training. It resolves issues that previously required an on-site visit remotely, avoiding face-to-face contact and optimising time.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI-ML and DL)

Your data can be the basis for many business improvements. Machine learning in the Machine Learning Studio cloud tool allows you to design the learning models needed to process real-life cases. Using the data collected, machine learning and predictive analytics, we develop effective models to optimise all business processes in your company. The introduction of IoT solutions simplifies production control.

Low-code to no-code (convergence of skills and technologies)

Low-code to no-code platforms make it faster and easier to develop applications without having to write a code. The use of low-code and no-code platforms helps to develop applications quickly, reduces software development time and makes it easier to assimilate solutions to specific business needs.

Big data storage - Influx Data Warehouse

InfluxDB is designed for all businesses and organisations that need to efficiently store, process and analyse time-series data. Data in InfluxDB can be organised by time and then analysed and queried based on time. InfluxDB is primarily designed to store and process data generated by sensors, measurement devices and other data collection devices (from machines, cars, refrigerators, smart watches, etc.).

Own mixed reality scenarios and HoloLens glasses