Server Infrastructure (on-prem)

Customization: The company can install on-site hardware based on the specific requirements and preferences of the client. IT Environment Management: Offers comprehensive management of the entire IT environment for the client's company.

Information Infrastructure as a Service (CLOUD)

Cloud-based Solutions: Allows companies to lease information environments from specialized providers based on their operational needs. Business Focus: Enables companies to focus on their core business by outsourcing the development and management of their IT infrastructure. Agility and Adaptability: Cloud solutions provide greater agility, adaptability, and infrastructure potential, with no initial investment cos

Establishing a Hybrid Environment

Tailored Solutions: Collaboratively deciding with clients to establish a hybrid environment, combining public and private cloud elements. Optimum Information Environment: Aims to create an information environment that best suits the specific needs and operations of the company.

Monitoring the IT Environment

Monitoring the IT Environment Monitoring information infrastructure, applications, and services allows companies to react to any irregularities and keep peace of mind. Specialized tools and knowledge of IT environments allow us to provide you with effective monitoring services. Make sure you are alerted to any potential issues, reducing the risk from severe consequences.

Comprehensive Information Environment Management

Stability and development and a comprehensive overview of your company’s information environment is ensured by a group of professionals who know the trends in information technology, are constantly educated, and resolve challenges using the latest technologies on a daily basis. Customers can focus on their business challenges, while gaining a reliable partner with a lot of business and IT know-how.

Information Security

To make sure that your company is protected from malicious hackers or losing precious data, you have to prepare before you actually face any dangers. Our security experts can ensure daily secure backups of your data and databases, along with daily monitoring of your whole system. Backups are stored on the latest Microsoft servers on a stable and secure cloud infrastructure – Azure. Using advanced anti-virus solutions, they can provide effective defense from all types of attacks.