Successful project start with a Snapshot

We approach the new implementations of the high-end ERP system in several phases. In the first phase, together with our partners, we agree with the customer to take a so-called snapshot, where we learn about the company, its structure, how its offices operate, and how they capture and process data. Next, we define the business and other events that are directly tied to the company’s operations and are the foundation for how data is captured and processed in the new ERP system. Only then, do we launch the project.

Implementation of the PANTHEON ERP

The implementation of the ERP system is headed by the project manager, who has a continuous overview of project’s status and is an important link between the customer and the contractor. How ERP is implemented depends on the company’s size and its specifics, as well as the industry the company operates in. Our projects target small and big businesses that operate in industries such as manufacturing, accounting, logistics, retail, and wholesale.

Upgrades and customizations of the PANTHEON ERP

Our experienced team, in collaboration with our partners, develops solutions that make using PANTHEON easier and speeds up your work with it.

Some of our upgrades:

  • Mass export to PDF
  • Recalculating the traffic
  • Monitoring supplies by barcode
  • Preparing balance sheets
  • Net salary calculation

Development of dedicated solutions for the PANTHEON ERP

Separately from the ERP, our experts in various fields, in partnership with our collaborators, prepared independent solutions that can easily connect with the ERP. These are dedicated solutions that provide more efficient operation for companies in various industries with support for their specifics.

Some of our solutions:


We provide you with a connection between the PANTHEON ERP system or other solutions with your company’s existing business systems.

Our seasoned software experts, in partnership with our collaborators, can develop any connection – turnkey integration – while our digital experts can set up a modern online store that can then be integrated with your company’s ERP – premium integrated online store.