Tailored software development

When demands for digitizing processes surpass the standard frames of information solutions, we can help with major or minor upgrades to your software, by developing additional features or modules.

We can also develop a complete solution for a specific purpose or business need. We have experience in developing solutions for local and international companies, and we take into account the specifics of companies in different industries, from manufacturing, service, financial, retail, and wholesale companies.

Upgrades to existing software solutions

Upgrades to existing software solutions Our experienced team develops solutions that make using your existing business and IT systems easier. We have the most experience in upgrading the PANTHEON ERP , for which we developed solutions, such as:

  1. mass export to PDF, recalculating the traffic
  2. updated customs tariffs
  3. preparing balance sheets
  4. net salary calculation

Development of dedicated IT solutions

We develop independent solutions that are separate from the business software or corporate systems, but connect with them perfectly in order to effectively support the operations of companies from different industries. Some dedicated solutions that connect with the PANTHEON ERP, are:

  1. Analysis of rejected products in manufacturing
  2. Offline POS cash register
  3. Solution for planning in manufacturing

Development of our own business and IT solutions

We develop solutions as a product of our know-how and experience. We develop demanding solutions and apps that utilize the latest methods and technologies to make work easier and faster.